Lighthouse Quilt Guild

September 2021 Workshop

Leaf (2 day) Workshop with Ann Shaw via Zoom

Quilt Design Basics: Leaf (2 day) Leaves are a perennial favorite for quilt blocks among quilters – autumnal leaves, Christmas holly, hosta leaves and many others all make great quilt blocks or small quilts.

Ann has offered to give us a free Zoom demonstration of one of her block designs, well ahead of the planned September Workshop, to show how her freezer paper technique works.   We are considering her foliage workshop as that seems a good start and the most versatile.  Please check out her description on her webpage. We will need a very strong commitment from at least 12 people to run the workshop. The cost will be $50.00 plus the pattern fee of $10.00 . The workshop will be divided up into two sessions, each will be 90-120 minutes.  So if you are interested please let us know and what time of day would be best, please be as flexible as possible as Ann is in Washington State, a 3 hour time difference. The 2 sessions could be two days in a row or a couple days apart.   This should be a wonderful workshop.  Members from South Bay Quilters Guild have taken the workshop and loved it.  See their projects on this page. 

The member I talked with said she is eager to take another of Ann’s classes.