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When  you get to the Library Page,  scroll through the books or search by author, title or subject.  The easiest is to search for “Quilt” which brings you to a new page that will have all the books and tags on it.  Much easier to search. Thanks to our librarians we have some wonderful books.  On the right is a drop down box to sort the books.  Enjoy!

featured books in our library

Click on an image to enlarge it. Use the “X” in the right corner to close out the enlarged image.  Any issues please let us know.

Thank you to Amy and Barb D. for putting all these books together in “Library Thing” so that we can view at home.  “Library Thing” is a wonderful app that you can put your personal books on by signing up with your own account. Easy to view your books on your phone then to avoid buying duplicates.

Book by Patricia Belyea

She was our June 2021 speaker. In her book she explores Improv with Japanese -inspired designs.

Using Ombre Fabric in Quilts

Click on the books above to enlarge the image to read the titles from left to right.  Arranged by a clever librarian.