Lighthouse Quilt Guild

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We met all summer in Pottawattomie Park.  The weather was wonderful, smiling faces were a true blessing, and the show and tell gets better every year.  Amy and Marianne even brought Library books from our Library.

December 13, 2021

In person meeting at the church and 2 classes.  Chris Hornby will present the lecture at night. 

The wool wreath Class will be from 10 am to noon.  One 12″ wool wreath /$55. Two candle wreaths /$25. Both classes include the the wool.

The Wooly Tree class will be from 2:00 -4:00 PM. The 16″ tree /$55.  The 18″ tree / $65. Class cost includes the wool.  Both classes will be Monday, Dec. 13th and you must sign up ahead.  

november 8, 2021 Timna tarr

Flying Colors Trunk Show 

Timna is known for making fun, colorful, award-winning quilts. Join her for a trunk show of her quilting journey. She talks about her design and color choices, as well as the personal stories behind the quilts.  This should be a very lively fun lecture. 

Please check out her website and also she has 4 online classes (pictured below) that you can do at your own pace.  I did the Stitched Mosaics, very easy to understand her videos and directions.  I really enjoyed this new technique. (Wendy)