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Seam Align Gentle Hold Fabric Glue

Seam Align glue is designed to gently hold two pieces of fabric together to prevent shifting. It will not leave a ring around the needle or mess up your sewing area. There is no hard dot of glue for a needle to hit and deflect. It is totally water soluble and non-toxic. Highly recommended by Nora, speaker in April.

Applying Seam Align

Check out Christina's Site Also

I got a nice pattern for a "Nested set of Quilted Buckets" for signing up for her newsletter.
Check out her site also.

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Introducing Christina Cameli our Quilter-in-Residence for 2021

This guild is based in Kalamazoo, they are trying something new with a Quilter -in-residence.  As they describe this new idea:

” Although we will continue to meet virtually for the foreseeable future, we will get to meet with our quilter-in-residence repeatedly throughout the year.  We hope this will give us an opportunity to really get to know the quilt artist.” 

 Please check out their blog and facebook page for more information.


pool noodles in the sewing room

Check out videos and other helpful uses for pool noodles for storage and for quilting. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom for more tips from readers.  Who Knew????