Lighthouse Quilt Guild

2024 January Class and Meeting

We had an all day class with Beth Ann Williams, our speaker for the evening. The class was learning to to make a Celtic type design using her technique. The pictures show the basic steps of drawing, making the strips, gluing the strips (over-under, over-under we all muttered to ourselves), putting on the borders, adding the backing and the batting, and finally sewing the strips down, being careful to stop when one went underneath another. Please send me a picture of your finished design and I will post on here. A great class.

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Finished Blocks

Beth Ann williams

The speaker was zoom so not many photos to show. check out her website for more information and classes.

Dottie brought her wonderful Celtic quilt she made a few years ago.

Even though zoom started a bit late, our co-chairs kept things going by reversing all our agenda items for the evening.