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2024 May Shae Vaughn Antique Quilt History, Show and Tell, Stash Buster Bag Workshop

Although Shae is younger than most of our membership she comes to this expertise from a long line of family quilt makers.

In this lecture, Shae gave an overview of quilt history with a focus on how quilts fit into larger historical events and eras. With quilts spanning from the early 19th to mid-20th century, this presentation highlighted key changes in quilts over the decades, in color, pattern, technique, etc. while also fitting these changes into the greater context of American history. Also, through the lens of antique quilts, she shared ways that contemporary quilts can tell the story of their makers today. Shae was such a wealth of information, so interesting to tie antique quilts to history as she did. One interesting questions was “Was there an Underground Railroad” tied in with quilts. She said no, that there was no large formal use of quilts in that way. We found that very interesting.

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Stash Buster Bag Workshop

Show and tell

Jemma made this scrappy dress for prom

As usual we had lots going on, Shirley’s Daughter was selling fabric of Shirley’s, several Bonbon pillows were exchanged, lots of charity quilts turned in, and samples of the upcoming class in September where you use 7 panels to make a quilt.

Members also brought family antique quilts to share.

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