Lighthouse Quilt Guild

Helping the people of Ukraine, one Quilt at a time

Members of the Lighthouse Quilt Guild in Grand Haven have found a unique way to help the valiant people of Ukraine. Joined by women of the United Methodist Church of the Dunes, they are organizing weekly “sewing bees” to create patchwork quilts for the children of refugees. As many as 100,000 refugees have been approved for arrival in the United States, with an estimated 10-20,000 of them children.  A Ukrainian church in Detroit will host some of the first groups arriving. Lighthouse quilts will be sent there to comfort and welcome the children.

Guild members Betty Boyink-Roberts and Annette Allen are leading the group. Volunteers meet weekly at the guild’s regular meeting place, the United Methodist Church of the Dunes, Sheldon at Colfax, Grand Haven. They create patchwork blocks and assemble them into quilt tops. Additional volunteers quilt the tops and add a finished binding. Patterns and fabrics and fellowship are shared and all are careful to include the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag­ in their creations.

We will have work bees at the Church of the Dunes for six Thursdays starting April 21, 2022 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm to make blocks for the quilts. Please come join us to help welcome the refugees who have lost so much.

Make 8” quilt blocks (8-1/2” with seam allowance) to be joined with others to make a 20 block quilt with 4 across by 5 down. Add 1” sashing around all blocks including outer edge, add 3” final border for finished quilt measuring 43”x52”. However, if you are making blocks to be added to others, sashing would be added when assembling blocks. Once assembled, these will be turned over to machine quilters to complete. Quilters in each group can volunteer to bind off quilt once quilted. Bring back to guild meeting to add to show ’n tell before heading to destination. It is suggested the Ukraine flag colors of blue and yellow be included with other colors in a variety of blocks. These will then be ready for part of the 100,000 Ukraine refugees approved for arrival in the United States with estimated 10-20,000 children. St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Detroit will be early receivers as refugees will be sent to Ukrainian communities first.

Ways to help: Make 8” blocks to be combined with others. If you want to make a quilt, make 20 blocks for 1 quilt (may repeat patterns, variety better). If 5 in a group, each make 8 blocks of same design… 2 quilts. If 10 in group, each make 4 blocks of same design… 2 quilts. If 20 in group, each make 4 blocks of same design… 4 quilts. Add name to list of quilters. Offer to binds quilts. No time to make blocks, donations may be made to purchase flannel backs. Depending on donations, some may have batting with regular cotton fabric backing. These would be used for recipients in colder US climates.. For more information, contact Betty Roberts, or 616-842-3304 or Annette Allen,, 616-846-5037.