Lighthouse Quilt Guild

Scrappy Applique with Janelle Class

I was able to take a “Scrappy Appliqué” class in Dubai via Zoom! Our instructor, Janelle Schwartz, did an awesome job teaching as though she was physically there with us. You could tell she had plenty of experience teaching via Zoom using lots of different camera angles, showing several examples, checking us for understanding, and answering all our questions. I feel so fortunate to live in a time where technology and techno savvy teachers/speakers allow us access to take classes and make contacts that we would never be able to afford to travel to or take on our own. Our guild Program Chairs, Joan and Marie, did an awesome job with the room setup for this format and checking on our progress. They even had extra supplies in case anyone forgot something. I had such an enjoyable morning and afternoon sewing at the church with eight fellow sewists as well as being joined by the instructor and two other sewists on the big screen.  Cyndi P.

As you can see from the photos the ladies had a fun day and everyone, home or in person at the church could participate. Thanks to all who helped set this up.