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6 thoughts on “Quilt Show Virtual 2021”

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    So enjoyed this Virtual Quilt Show. I could not get the VOTE link to work so I am voting here.

  2. Margarete Fochtman

    WOW!! just wow. so much talent and artistry with scraps of cloth. Will watch several more times to make a choice, each slide I said to self, this one is colorful, awesome, interesting, etc. The women who put this together…wonderful mastery of presentation!!! Blessings on all those who produced this work of art.

  3. Click the 3 buttons on the lower left of the slide show and open Auto-Play to Pause and arrow over yourself, to change the number of seconds between slides, and to see the slide show in full screen. If the slide show stops, hit the 3 dots and Play at the top or Pause if you need to stop.

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